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The defibrillator is back!

Submitted on 20 March 2019 by Ellie Metherell

The defibrillator is now back in place at The Memorial Hall, having been taken to St Helens Church when someone unfortunately fell ill during a service. 

The ambulance service has confirmed that it is not obligatory for the defibrillator to be given to the paramedics (regardless of whether or not it has been used) unless they specifically request to take it or if it has nowhere safe to be stored.

This life-saving equipment is for public use, however, please notify us, Wheathampstead Parish Council, if you remove it via our email address info@wheathampstead-pc.gov.uk or call 01582 832541. If you are unable to get the defibrillator back into its wall box securely, please keep hold of it until the first opportunity to return it to us. We will then check the battery and replace the pads as required. 

leafleafThe Memorial Hall, Marford Road, Wheathampstead Hertfordshire, AL4 8AY
01582 832541, info@wheathampstead-pc.gov.uk
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